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Windows XP - Service Pack 3  - 32 bit computer

SQL Server 2005 (Version 9.00.5000 - SP4 RTM)

Windows XP - Service Pack 1 or 2

Installation is problematic. Please ask for assistance on the forum or from your reseller

If R6 needs to be installed then it will be necessary to  install  SQL Server 2005, and  R6 version 6.17.2  and upgrade this. This  requires both an application upgrade and a major dictionary upgrade If you need to do this then obtain SQL Server 2005 from one of the links below. Save the appropriate file to your computer. Local Download will download the most appropriate version of SQL Server as a zipped file from this site. If you choose this option then after download you will need to unzip the file and run the executable.  If you choose Microsoft Download Centre this will take you to the last known  link on the Microsoft Site for the recommended version of SQL  Server.   Download and run the  file suggested on the button  .  Make sure the file specified  is available (name and size).   

Windows XP  and Vista

For the installation  of R6 Version 6.17.2, which can then be upgraded