Recorder 6 - Information

Archived Upgrades  (Provided free of charge for use only by legitimate holders of an  R6  Site ID  for the purpose of updating their system. By downloading  installation or upgrade files from this site are agreeing to the licensing conditions.  )

Upgrade 6.26.2

Upgrade from 6.14.4, 6.14.5, 6.15.4 or 6.16.2, 6.17.1, 6.18.1, 6.19.4,  6.22.2, 6.23.2, 6.24.0, 6.25.1, 6.26.1 to 6.26.2   -  Download:

This zipped file will upgrade Recorder 6 from version 6.14.4, 6.14.5, 6.15.4, 6.16.2, 6.17.1, 6.18.1, 6.19.4, 6.22.2, 6.23.2, 6.24.0, 6.25.1,6.26.1 to the latest version (V6.26.2  build 286). If you have an earlier version of Recorder 6, you will first need to upgrade to 6.14.4 using the upgrades below. Upgrade 6.26.2 fixes a two bugs in 6.26.1 and provides an updated version of help.  The version should read '’ and the database version ‘000000AX’.  Release notes Rec6v626_ReleaseNotes.doc

Users who have already upgraded to 6.26.1 must also download and run dictionary upgrades up to 0000003X. This will resolve issues with the ‘Redundant flag’  which is preventing some species from being used for data entry.

Upgrade  prior to 6.26.2

These zipped files will upgrade Recorder 6 from the earliest version to 6.13.3. Run each upgrade in turn starting with the one appropriate to your current version. However, if  upgrading from a very early version  it is suggested that you ask for help on the Forum before starting. In some circumstances you may be better off transferring your data into the latest version.

Upgrade from  6.13.3 to 6.14.4 - Download:

Upgrade from any version of Recorder 6 (earlier than 6.7.2) to 6.7.2

Upgrade from 6.7.2  to 6.9.3

Upgrade from 6.9.3 to 6.10

Upgrade from 6.10 to 6.13.3