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Dictionary Updates After 0000004K - Using Dictionary Update Kit v5

Download the application DictionaryUpdater5.exe  (click here).  Unzip and copy the application file into a folder on  any machine that connect to  Recorder 6  Server. You must backup the R6 database before doing the update. Queries and issues should be posted  on the Forum.  You may need IT support to run this application.   


Preparation for  Update:

Taxon_List  = 244, Taxon = > 311,368 ,Taxon Version = 317,443,Taxon List Item = 607,848,Organism =  119626

( Note := Taxon may be greater on some systems, but should not be less).  



Requirement for running the Update using Dictionary Upgrade Kit v5:

           This process can only be used if  :-


Note:- If you are on a version of R6  before 6.26 then you will need to upgrade before being able to run further dictionary upgrades. If your dictionary is not up to 0000004K or above then you must first use the old software to upgrade to 0000004K.  Check your version of R6 and Dictionary Updates from within Recorder 6 using Help/About Recorder 6.

Running the Update using Dictionary Upgrade Kit v5:

Errors and Problems