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Dictionary Updates After 0000004K - Recorder 6  v6:30  up  (Quick link to files)

Updates from 0000004L are in a new format and will not work with the old dictionary update software. For many users this new approach will be a major improvement as IT support will not be needed  to run the updates.  

You are strongly advised to keep the dictionaries in Recorder 6 updated to the most recent version. The R6  dictionary is based on the UK Species Inventory maintained by the NHM and is the same dictionary in a slightly different format as used by the NBN Atlas, Indicia  and  some other systems.  You must backup the R6 database before doing the update. Queries and issues should be posted  on the Forum.   For many users this will be a major improvement as IT support will not be needed  to run the updates.  


We now strongly advise that users update to R6 Version 6:30 before attempting dictionary upgrades from 0000004L up.  


It is possible for users of Recorder 6  Version 6:26 to 6:29 to continue to upgrade their dictionary.  This requires a separate update program   Dictionary_Upgrade V5.  Users on R6 Versions prior to v6:26 cannot update their  dictionary beyond 0000004K.   

Preparation for  Update:  (
Applies only to R6  v6.30  or above )  

Requirement for running the Update:
           This process can only be used if  :-

Note:- If you are on a version of R6  before 6.26 then no further dictionary upgrades will be possible. If your dictionary is not up to 0000004K or above then you must first use the old software to upgrade to  0000004K.  Check your version of R6 and Dictionary Updates from within Recorder 6 using Help/About Recorder 6.  

Running the Update from within Recorder 6 (applies only after v6.30)

Errors and Problems