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Dictionary Updates After 0000004K - Recorder 6  v6.26 and above  (Quick link to files)

You are strongly advised to keep the dictionaries in Recorder 6 updated to the most recent version. The R6  dictionary is based on the UK Species Inventory maintained by the NHM and is the same dictionary in a slightly different format as used by the NBN Atlas, Indicia  and  some other systems.  You must backup the R6 database before doing the update. Queries and issues should be posted  on the Forum.  From Recorder 6   v6.29  it will be possible to run the dictionary update process  from within the Recorder 6 application. For many users this will be a major improvement as IT support will not be needed  to run the updates.  The update files being supplied are in a new format  and can’t be used with the previous upgrade software. Users of R6 v6.26 to v6.28  are advised to upgrade to v6.29, but if this is not convenient then the new dictionary update files can be used with a free standing dictionary upgrade application  - click here for more information and to download this .  Tests suggest that upgrades using the new update file format will take about the same time to run as under the previous system.  


Please be aware that this is a new process. It has been tested on both live standalone and live networked systems, however, its performance may be affected by local system configurations.  Make sure you have a backup before running and ensure that R6 is not otherwise in use. Restore from backup if you have any issues and seek help. If you are unsure about the correct upgrade path for your  R6 system and/or Dictionary please put a post on the forum.  

Preparation for  Update:  (Applies only to R6  v6.29  or above - 6.26, 6.27 and 6.28 users click here )  



Requirement for running the Update:

          This process can only be used if  :-

Note:- If you are on a version of R6  before 6.26 then no further dictionary upgrades will be possible. If your dictionary is not up to 0000004K or above then you must first use the old software to upgrade to  0000004K.  Check your version of R6 and Dictionary Updates from within Recorder 6 using Help/About Recorder 6.

Running the Update from within Recorder 6 (applies only after v6.29)

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