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Reporting Addin  (Prototype)

Recorder 6  XML Reports and Report Wizard produces spreadsheet type output. In order to format this into ‘proper’ reports it is necessary to export the data  and use MS Access, MS Excel or other systems to format the output. Although R6 has an inbuilt report writer this is not very user friendly and only works with standard columns from the tables. This addin implements FastReport  V6 for Delphi.  This is a  comprehensive, first rate package used by business for reporting purposes. Using this will allows the  data from an XML or Report Wizard Report to be formatted  to produce a wide variety  of output. It should  be possible to meet the most complex of  reporting requirements.  Although, very comprehensive FastReport is relatively easy to use and the basics can be mastered  very quickly. Full details are available on the Fast Report site.  

Download the addin and unzip the file.  Instructions are included here for the installation of the Addin and for the implementation of some example reports.         

Show Unchecked Records Addin

Displays records in the observation hierarchy that are flagged as unchecked, invalid or are zero-abundance records. Once installed is available via the Data Entry menu, go to Data Entry - Display Unchecked records. You are then given the option to display one or a combination of records that are unchecked, invalid or have zero abundance.

Taxon Dictionary  Extra Info Addin

Adds a new button to the top of the Taxon Dictionary Browser. When clicked this provides additional information on the selected taxa.