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About the R6 Consortium - Contacts and Responsibilities

JNCC handed over Recorder 6 to the Consortium  on 1 April 2018, when they (JNCC) ceased supporting the system. The system remains under the control of the Consortium.

The aim of the Consortium is to provide sufficient support to enable the R6 system to continue operating until such time as a replacement is available. As far as possible this will include the changes needed to keep the system running under the latest version of SQL Server and Windows. It will also include system upgrades. Dictionary updates will be provided for the Consortium by Littefield Consultancy. The Consortium will aim to deal with any major issues, but will not not fund any development. It will be up to individual developers, working either for free or funded by a third party (eg. The Steering Group) to undertake any development work and systems testing (see Development).

While the Consortium is currently working closely with the Recorder 6 Steering Group it remains independent of the Steering Group and is not accountable to them.
Please note that  the Consortium receives no funding from the Recorder 6 Steering Group for providing support to R6 users, or for the day to day operation of the Consortium.

The long term future of R6 depends on the work being done by the Recorder 6 Steering Group who are seeking ways of developing a replacement system. To do this they need funding. For this reason the Consortium has currently agreed only to provide application upgrades and dictionary updates to users who have paid their annual fee to the Steering Group.

The Consortium members are the leading experts in Recorder 6 and are currently best placed to manage the existing  Recorder 6 system.  They have been supporting Recorder 6 for many years, initially under contract to JNCC and now as a privately funded group.

General Matters  - Contact Mike (Mike@Lfield.co.uk) for general information on the Consortium and all other matters.

International Users -  Contact John regarding all matters (john.vanbreda@biodiverseit.co.uk).

Supply - The Consortium is continuing to supply copies of Recorder 6 for £30.00. Please contact Sally (s.rankin@btinternet.com) if you wish to purchase a copy.  You will receive the latest install copy and access to the software upgrades and dictionary updates at the time of purchase, but will have to pay the Steering Group licence fee to obtain further updates.     



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