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Documentation (Documentation on and downloadable from this site are copyright except where derived from the JNCC site)

Addins - Technical Guides

Com Addins Technical Specification

Addins - Guide to Writing  Addins


Backups and Moving Database

Moving the R6 Database using Attach/Detach

Restoring from Backup Using Management Studio

Transfering R6  to a New PC - Standalone

Transfering R6  to a New Server - Network  

Installation Documentation

Network Installation Guides - Three documents which explain the installation of a network  version of R6

Standalone Installation Guide - This is written for SQL Server Version 10.00.1600 (SQL Server 2008) , but will provide useful information for any version

Windows 8/8.1 - Installation Guide

Windows 10 - Installation Guide


Installing .gsf and map files  -  New installation.  (On an existing installation where the base map is already installed then ignore steps 1 and 2.)

Management of  R6 Mapping System.  

Technical Documentation

Import Wizard - Adding Fields -  Notes on adding field to the Import Wizard

Technical Systems Design -  The Original Technical Systems Design

User Guides

Custom Species Card -  Explains how to set up Custom Species Cards using the new facility introduced in R6 v6.23

Managing Designations -   Complete Guide to the use of Taxon Designation Sets

Original User Guide -   Now a bit dated but still of use

Rucksacks -   Building Rucksacks outside Recorder

Temporary Surveys  -   Importing data on a temporary basis. Explains the concept and use of temporary surveys

Recorder6 IW Matching Names and Species - Explains the new matching processes available in 6.29

XML Reports and Batch Updates

Guide to XML Reports and Batch Updates  

ReviewSystem628   Documentation and files to set up a Review System with R6 V6.28

XML Format Specification