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CIS  Export Addin

Used to export in a format that can be loaded into CIS. After installation, a new option "CIS Export" appears in the "Export type" list in the Export dialog box. Selecting this option exports a ".dat" file which can be loaded by CIS version 6.

DMAP Digitizer  Addin

This addin converts the output from the DMAP digitizer into a format which can be imported into Recorder 6 as a boundary file. The DMAP digitizer is a low cost application which can be used by those without access to GIS systems to digitize boundaries.

DMAP Extracter Addin

Updated July  2015. This addin generates the files required by DMAP from the Report Wizard output. This is designed as a replacement for the DMAP extractor which does not fully work. DMAP remains a useful application for producing traditional dot maps, especially for those without access to GIS systems. Full instructions, including example XML reports, are included in the zipped file.

Rucksack Generator Addin

Provides a method of generating a Rucksack from a list of species in a text file. It also has facilities for managing existing rucksacks. Full documentation is included in the zip file.

Goto Grid Control Addin

Used to pan the map so that it is centred on a given grid reference. When the addin is installed, a new edit box and button appear in the bottom margin of the Map Window. Type a grid reference in the edit box and press [Return], or click the button, and the map will be redrawn so that it is centred at the grid reference specified. The scale at which it is drawn is not affected. You will be prompted to select the base map you want to use.

Goto Key Addin and Goto Key Addin 2

 Displays a given record in Recorder 6 by typing its 16-character identifier. After installation, a new option "GoTo Key" appears in the Tools menu. When you select this option, a dialog will open with an edit box into which a 16-character key can be typed or pasted and a drop-down box indicating which window it applies to. Options include:  Survey,  Survey event, Sample, Taxon occurrence, Biotope occurrence, Location, Organisation, Individual, Document, Taxon (taxon_list_item_key),  Biotope (biotope_list_item_key), Admin area.  Click the [OK] button to open the specified window and load the row with the specified key. If the key you specified cannot be found in the table you selected, an error message will be displayed.

Goto Key Addin 2 Provides additional functionality to the standard Goto addin. It can now find records based on the ‘external reference’ key. It also uses a larger window which makes it easier to use on laptops. Only install one of these addins.

Last Key Update

 Updates the LAST_KEY table in the database. After installation, a new option "Update Last Key" appears in the Tools menu.

Recorder stores a counter in the LAST_KEY table which it uses to generate NBN-Keys. A new key is generated by concatenating the SiteID of this copy of Recorder with the value held in LAST_KEY for the table in question and the value is incremented when the new row is saved.

If this ever gets out of sync (for example if information was imported directly into a table in the database without using Recorder) then the next time you try to make a new entry you may get an error because a row with the key generated already exists in the target table.

This addin fixes such problems. It checks each table in the database and finds the maximum running value that has actually been used and updates the LAST_KEY table entry if necessary.