Recorder 6 - Consortium

Dictionary Updates

You are strongly advised to keep the dictionaries in Recorder 6 updated to the most recent version. The R6  dictionary is based on the UK dictionary maintained by the NHM and is the same dictionary in a slightly  different format as used The NBN Atlas, Indicia  and  some other systems.  You should backup the R6 database before doing the update. Queries and issues should be posted  on the Forum.    

Preparation for  Update

Running the Upgrade:

Make sure that the outer zip is not included in the scripts folder otherwise the upgrade will not work. For example, when running the 0000004Cto4E upgrade, the Scripts folder should contain,, 0000004D.ini, 0000004D.ini and 0000004E.sql. It must not  contain the file you download If it contains the downloaded zip files the upgrade won’t run correctly.   The unzipped files will either have a .zip, .sql or .ini  file extension and will have a filename of 8 characters (eg, 0000004D.ini, or 0000004E.sql). While five files is normal some upgrades may contain additional files. Some upgrades do not have the .ini files.   This will not affect the upgrade, but the progress bars will not be displayed. Do not rename any of the files and do not unzip any files twice.

Update  Files  

0000004C - 0000004E  (Needs  R6 version 6.26.2 or above)  - click here further detail

00000049 - 0000004B  (Needs  R6 version 6.26.2 or above)  - click here further detail

00000046 - 00000048  (Needs  R6 version 6.26.2 or above)  - click here further detail

00000041 - 00000045  (Needs  R6 version 6.26.2 or above)  - click here further detail

0000003Y - 00000040  (Needs  R6 version 6.26.2 or above)

0000003U - 0000003X  (Needs  R6 version 6.26.2 or above)

0000003C - 0000003T   (Needs R6 version 6.25.1 or above)

0000001O - 0000003B   (Needs R6  version 6.14.4 or above.)

00000015 -  0000001N  (Needs R6 version 6.14.4 or above. Very large so run separately

0000000I  - 00000014 (Needs R6 version 6.14.4 or above)

00000000 - 000000H