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Recorder Addins are Microsoft COM objects (best written in written in Delphi 7) that provide additional functionality alongside the main Recorder application. Addins are implemented as .ocx or sometimes .dll, but may also be supplied with a small number of other files (such as .bmp or .mdb files for example). All files supplied with an addin MUST be saved in the same directory as the .ocx or .dll file to successfully install.

The most up to date addins for Recorder 6 are available to download from this page. To check the version number of any addin currently installed open Recorder 6 and go to Tools - Install Add-In Module. The version number of each addin is displayed in the 'Description' field for each addin selected. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Recorder 6 and already have a copy of an addin installed, you should uninstall the old version first (see instructions below) before installing the new one. To download each addin click on the links below.

To uninstall existing addins:

To install an addin:

If the addin is implemented as a .dll file, you will be unable to remove it and then install it again within the same session (if you attempt this the following error message will be displayed: "Error 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"). You must close the application and restart before the addin can be re-installed. This is a limitation imposed by Windows as .dll files are not removed from memory until the programme that loaded them terminates. You will recieve a similar error message if you do not delete the old .ocx after uninstalling and attempting to re-install an addin.

Anyone can write an addin, but  while in theory any version of Delphi and other software supporting Com objects could be used our experience suggests  that  using anything other than Delphi 7 is problematic.   See Documentation for details on writing addins.  Code for existing  addins is available in the R6  Repository  and  could be used as the basis for additional or modified addins, but these must be given new names.   Currently, all the addins listed are supported as part of Recorder 6.  

Current Addins

You can download addins from the list below by clicking on the name. If you require more information then click on the Version number . Version 6:31 has a number of the addins incorporated in the core program.  Those shown in red below should not be installed after V6:30.

CIS_Export                                  - Used to export in a format that can be loaded into CIS.  v6.0.0.2
DMAP_Digitizer                          - Converts input from the DMAP Digitizer into R6 Format.  v6.22
DMAP_Extractor                         - Generates DMAP files from the Report Wizard Output. v6.23.1
Generate_Rucksack                   -  Generates a Rucksack from a list of species in a text file. v6.22
Goto_Grid_Control                    -  Used to pan the map so that it is centred on a given grid reference. v2.0.0.16
Goto_Key_Addin                         - Goes to a specified R6 Key v6.0.1.8
Goto_Key_Addin2                       - As above, but with additional functionality v.6.22
Last_Key_Update                        - Updates the Last Key table. v6.0.0.5
Manage_Designation_Sets       - Provides a method of managing Taxon Designation Sets v6.22
Manage_User_Added_Taxa      - Provides methods for managing user-added taxa v6.22  (use on R6 versions prior to 6.26)
Manage_User_Added_Taxa      - Provides methods for managing user-added taxa v6.26 (use on R6 versions 6.26 )
NBN_Exchange_Addin               - For passing data to the NBN Atlas v6.17.0.10 (use on R6 versions prior to 6.22)
NBN_Exchange_Addin               - For passing data to the NBN Atlas v6.22 (use on R6 version 6.22)
NBN_Exchange_Addin               - For passing data to the NBN Atlas 6.23 (use on R6 version 6.23 to 6.28)
Observations_Extra_Info        - Provides additional information on a Observation v.6.22
Phenology                                  - Displays a Phenology histogram for a taxon v6.0.1.8
Recorder3_Import                    - Used in importing data from Recorder 3 v6.0.0.52
Reporting  addin                      - (Prototype). Implements ‘Fast Report’ as an R6  addin.  v6.Prototype
Show_Unchecked                     - Displays records in the observation hierarchy that are flagged as unchecked. v6.0.0.13
Taxon_Dictionary                    - Provides additional in formation for a taxon when in the Taxon Dictionary Browser. v 6.22