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About Recorder 6

Recorder 6 is the ultimate tool for those entering, collating and exchanging records of species and habitats. It includes extensive, and very flexible, facilities for outputting the data including the ability to link other systems, such as GIS, directly to the data holdings. All of this makes it the package of choice, particularly within the professional sector of the market where efficiency, flexibility and scalability are critical. However, the low cost means Recorder is readily accessible to individual recorders who want to harness professional quality software for their own use.

JNCC ceased to support  R6 at the end of March 2018, however, they have not suggested any alternative system which would provide all  the features available in R6, or suggested a  way in which existing R6 data can be migrated to another system without loss of information. In these circumstances the above statement remains as true as ever.

Key features include:

Fast and accurate import of data from a variety of sources and different formats – includes a very flexible import facility for importing spreadsheets of data including exports from other recording packages such as MapMate  

Further Features

In addition to the key features of fast data import, flexible reporting and excellent mapping facilities there are a range of additional features that make Recorder 6 versatile and functional whilst ensuring the highest quality of data. Here are just a few of them: