Recorder 6 - Information


Below are details of the support provided by the R6 Consortium. Please remember to use the NBN Forum for all support requests.  

Bugs and Other Problems   

By this we mean situations where R6 produces and error message or something doesn’t work as expected. We will investigate and do our best to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, although we may not be able to respond immediately.  We will not help with queries on the day to day use  of Recorder.  These should be posted on the Forum and it is hoped they will be answered by other R6 users.


Species Dictionary

We will aim to keep Recorder 6 in line with the UKSI . We don’t have any control over the content of the dictionary, but we will look into any issues where there is the possibility  that it is something in R6 which is causing a problem.  

Users dictionaries are sometimes found to be out of step.  We will be able to fix these, but there will be a charge of £40.00 for this service.   

Note that Taxon Designations are  part of the NHM Dictionary and we would expect JNCC to continue to update this information. Taxon Designation Sets, which group together Taxon Designation Types for reporting purposes are only used by Recorder 6, so will not be maintained by JNCC.  We will update these if we can, but may need help in deciding what changes are necessary.          

Administrative Area and Biotope Dictionaries

These have been maintained by JNCC, but nothing has changed  in a  long time. We will be happy to update or add to these if the information is provided in the format of the relevant R6 tables.  

Installation, Upgrades  and Moves to New Machines

We do not provide help with installation, upgrades and moving to a new machine.  The processes are well documented on this site. If this proves insufficient we recommend that you seek help on the Forum.   

New Releases and  Feature Requests

We will issue upgrades to R6  as an when possible. We will include in this whatever work we have been able to do to improve R6. This may include bug fixes and modifications we have made. If you want a new feature in R6 or think the way something works could be improved, please contact us directly.  If you are willing to fund or partly fund the change then please let us know.  We will only undertake work if it is agreed that the resulting change can be made available to  all R6 users, and that the code is considered open source. This does not apply to addins.      

Please be aware that we respect the R6 approach to the ownership of records and also adhere to the data model and controls which are currently in place.

Supply of R6       

We believe there is still a demand for R6 and will continue to supply installation versions for £30.00 .  For information on the current situation regarding the use of R6 click here.

International Users

We intend to maintain R6 for the international users. However, they will need to fund the full cost of any modification they request, even if they are of use to UK users.