Recorder 6 - Information

From April 2018  Recorder 6  will only be available from Sally Rankin.  The Consortium will continue to support previous JNCC resellers by providing site id’s and security keys. Please contact Sally regarding this.  It is essential that site id’s are unique and the prefixes are therefore tightly controlled. The information required to allocate these is not in the public domain.  

These downloads are provided for existing users of Recorder 6 who have a legitimate site ID.  They are licensed for use on just one site for the purpose of reinstalling the software.  They must not be redistributed or made available on any other web site without permission of Littlefield Consultancy.     

Version 6.17.2 continues to be available just in case there is a need to install using SQL Server  2005.  If R6 is being installed in order to move it to a new machine, then install V6.26  if possible. This will install more up to date addins and the extra addins folder will contain later versions if these need to be installed.

Note that the 6.26.2 for SQL 2008/12/14/16 version will install with a dictionary up  to 0000003X.  There are a separate installation files for SQL Server 2016.

Recorder 6 seems to be working on SQL Server 2017, but has not been fully tested. Use the SQL Server 2016 install if you wish to try SQL Server 2017.