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Windows XP or Vista    

Windows 7


Recorder 6 can be installed and run under Windows XP and all  subsequent versions. It will install and run on Windows 10. The latest version is 6.30.(Install version 6.30 requires  SQL Server 2008 , SQL Server 2012,  SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016 or SQL Server 2017  to  be installed before the installation of R 6. We are testing on SQL Server 2019 and you may use it if you wish and are prepared to deal with any issues. .

Recorder continues to be supported and upgraded when installed on SQL Server 2000 (or MSDE), SQL Server 2005 , but the latest version can no longer be installed  on these version of SQL Server.

Recorder 6 will run on Virtual Servers  and is working successfully on a number of such installations.  We know of two instances where there have been problems with Virtual Servers, but these appear to be down to the set up of the servers and not to any issue with R6.

Select  your computer operating system  from the list below to take you to the page with the appropriate details  Let us know on the forum http://forums.nbn.org.uk/  if there are any issues.    

Also provided below are links to other files and downloads which may be of use if you do not have all the pre-requisites installed necessary for SQL Server.

Suggested hardware for a standalone installation would be a 64 bit machine  running MS Windows 10, 8gb memory  and a 500mb hard drive.  A solid state drive will probably be OK, and could  be faster.   

Please note that the install versions of R6 are available on this site, but only for those who have already hold a Site Id and Security key.  The software can not be installed without these. In no circumstances use the Site Id of another site.

Windows 8

Other Files

Windows 10