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Please note that this site is in a  transitional phase so  if you can’t find the information required please ask on the Forum. Much of the information has been imported from elsewhere and adapted there will be instances where some tidying up will be required. The information here may differ slightly from that in the JNCC site, but is more likely to be up to date. that the site is still ion the course of preparation  so please continue also to look at the e.   


Webmaster  Last updated  6/11/2018

About the Consortium

Consortium members are Mike Weideli, Sally Rankin and  John van Breda.  (See  contacts)

For the last 6 years the Consortium been contracted by JNCC to support Recorder 6. This contract ended when JNCC ceased support for R6 at the end of March 2018. However the Consortium has received sufficient funding from an R6 user to be able to continue supporting R6 for the time being.  The level of support will be less than that currently available under the JNCC contract, but  should be sufficient to  maintain the system and ensure that users have support when they need it. Our version of R6 will be based on Recorder 6, v 6.28, but will be independent of JNCC.

About Recorder 6  - General information about the package. Capability uses etc.

Addins - Current Addins

Additional Installation Files - Additional Files which may be of use when installing R6

Application Upgrades - Access to  Application Upgrades .

Contacts - How to contact us .

Current Situation  - How things stand at the moment  


Development -  Changes we are considering  

Dictionary Updates - Access to all the Dictionary Updates

Documentation - Provides access to downloads of R6 documentation  

FAQ -  Provides answers to the most frequently asked questions   

Installation  - Detailed  documentation on installing R6 on various operating system and SQL Server Versions

Purchase R6 - How to obtain a new copy of R6 .

- Latest install version of R6 for those who already have a licence.

Support  - What support we are providing and how to get help.

Upgrade to Window 10 - Information on upgrading an existing installation to Windows 10


Latest R6 Version 6.28.0. Latest Dictionary 0000004H