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This site is provided by Littlefield  Consultancy for the free use of R6 users.  The information is copyright (Littlefield Consultancy) . Some of the information has been derived from the JNCC Recorder 6 website which is no longer available.      

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Webmaster mike@Lfield.co.uk.  Last updated  2/1/2020

Welcome to the official Recorder 6  web site. The site provides a variety of information on Recorder 6. It includes much of the information from the now defunct JNCC Recorder 6 site, plus a great deal of additional information useful to Recorder 6 users. Recorder 6  is run by the R6 Consortium.  Consortium members are Mike Weideli, Sally Rankin and  John van Breda.  (See  Consortium).

About Recorder 6 - General information about the package. Capability uses etc.

Addins - Current Addins

Additional Installation Files - Additional Files which may be of use when installing R6

Application Upgrades - Access to  Application Upgrades

Contacts - How to contact us .

Current Situation  - How R6 support is being provided.

Development -  Instructions for Delphi developers  

Dictionary Updates  up to 0000004K - Access to Dictionary Updates  to 0000004K

Dictionary Updates  from 0000004L - Access to Dictionary Updates  0000004L onwards

Documentation - Provides access to downloads of R6 documentation  

FAQ -  Provides answers to the most frequently asked questions

Installation - Detailed  documentation on installing R6 on various operating system and SQL Server Versions

Licensing - About licensing, site id etc

Purchase R6 - How to obtain a new copy of R6

Software - Latest install version of R6 for those who already have a licence.

Support and Feature Requests - What support we are providing and how to get help. Requests for new features.

Upgrade to Window 10 - Information on upgrading an existing installation to Windows 10


Latest stable release R6 Version 6.30.0. Latest Dictionary 00000052 Version 6.31.0 is available as a Release Candidate